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School Code - 81963


Affiliated to C.B.S.E New Delhi, Affiliation No. 3530546

Banjarawala, Kargi Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, 248001

Message Desk

Honorable Founder's Desk

Dear Parents, We are very pleased that you are considering Dehra Public Inter College for admission of your son/daughter. We at Dehra Public Inter College constantly strive to meet the academic as well as the all-round development need of each child. We are particularly proud of the relationship that we have tried to establish between the child and the teacher over the years. Our Primary aim or goal is not confirmed to the academic excellence but all around human growth and enduring life fulfillment.

Dear Teachers - Let us be aware that we all passing through a phase of the biggest value crisis, we ever faced. The youth of today is in a very delicate situation. It is our moral responsibility to help our students to recognize the right values. Education is a pilgrimage - a holy journey with the students, parents and the institution. Every child has a spiritual heart, the core self where the divine is present. So every learner is a temple of God. When we deal with students with this awareness we ourselves will begin to feel the vibrations of the divine energy in the entire school campus. The child who is entrusted to our care is holy and innocent and therefore our journey with him must be spiritual. By spiritual, what I mean is this - A loving and kind approach to every student; an understanding and a caring approach.

Dear Parents - Your Kind co-operation and assistance in all these matters will ever remain as a complement to our teaching in the school. With the assistance of the Almighty God, I trust the school takes every possible step to mould and chisel your child as a virtuous and God-fearing person who is intellectually grown, emotionally grown, emotionally mature, morally sound and above all spiritually rich. Today the society looks forward to not intellectuals but to individuals endowed with social and moral qualities. Let Your child be one of them who will not only be a doctor, an engineer or a teacher but also an affectionate child, a loving friend and a mature human-being, fully active and alive in the society.

Dear Students - Always remember the student period of life is the most beautiful part of your life. A good student has a good time management. He gives priority to his learning. He also gives sufficient importance to games and other co-curricular activities. He enjoys his student life without stress and strain. He has a sound judgement and is open to all realities of life with an optimistic attitude. He deals with the praise and blame, with balanced emotion. He develops a good self-esteem, and not easily becomes victim to disappointments. There will be moments in your life where you will be exposed to a wider world. Your personal achievements and things you learned will be put to fire test. Be of good cheer. Be firm. Hold fast to the values and principles which have become an invertible part of your personality. Adhere to truth, love, justice and duty. Truth alone shall prevail “Satya Meva Jayate” So let’s strive to achieve greater heights.

Principal Message Desk

It gives me immense pleasure in presenting before you the school prospectus with the philosophy of the school. I believe that we hold the future in our hands and it is with our love and care that we tread paths unknown guiding each little angel to paint their beautiful world. We hold the ignition key to light the fire in hearts and minds of the children forging them to move ahead. We aim at helping each and every child to look beyond at the dark clouds of ignorance and look up to the light of knowledge. At Banjarawala Dehra Public Inter College each teacher is a supervisor in the class and a friend outside it and children can freely interact and take guidance from them. A well qualified and fully trained group of staff members are always ready to motivate children on to the right path both academically and emotionally. Dear parents you play a pivotal role in the lives of your wards. It is our humble request that spend quality time with them so that together we can work wonders. Home plays an integral part in building the characters of the children and the sole purpose of education in character building. Good qualities of honesty, truthfulness modesty, chivalry etc if inculcated at an early age stay all through their lives with the children. So dear parents please help us mould the youth in the right direction to become good citizens of the country. To you dear children I would only like to say that in your formative years that you spend in school learn to imbibe all the aspects of knowledge and skills to become perfect individuals. Education spans a number of doors for you to show to the world your power in the correct perspective, use tit to illuminate the Path for many a more lives. “Dream big and achieve big” Wishing you a happy association and a bright future with a leading educational edifice.