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Affiliated to C.B.S.E New Delhi, Affiliation No. 3530546

Banjarawala, Kargi Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, 248001


Digital Class Rooms

We at Banjarawala Dehra Public Inter College believe in providing the best in learning to our students. Thus, we provide our students with the latest technology in acquiring knowledge through Smart class. We have a digital learning eco- system which makes the end to end process of teaching and learning more engaging and easy. The core of this technology is rich multimedia based, pedagogically appropriate content mapped to school curriculum. Apart from digital classroomhardware and content, the smart class eco system includes rich features to make planning a class to assessing students very effective With the stress and difficulties in education arising every day.

we have created content which will help the students learn in a better and a new way. It is said what we see (visuals) is often remembered more than what we simply just read. Keeping that concept in mind, we have converted the black and white textbook into audio-video animated content explaining each chapter and subject in detail.

Sports And Games

We at Dehra Public School the School has a very large and talented sports faculty consisting of three full time PTI's and eight specialist coaches. Every Asianite is expected to take part in the sport and fitness programme. The School provides an extensive sports and physical education programme. Filities include two large playing fields, Sports include Athletics, Badminton, Soccer, Table Tennis.' Trained coaches render scientifically aided training in cricket, football etc. These coaches are on the lookout for promising talent from a very early age, in order to provide a carefully designed short and long term training regimen to bring out the very best in each individual.

An annual sports programme has been drawn up in conjunction with other schools to ensure that seasons for the respective sports coincide. This will incorporate a calendar of dates for inter-house and inter-school competitions in each of the various sports, as well as friendly matches against local teams.

Computer education and online examination

The computer education has become a necessity in the modern world. DEHRA PUBLIC INTER COLLEGE has therefore , introduced computer studies right from class I onwards . It is an attempt to open a few windows to the students into the fascinating word of computers and to make them capable enough to face challenges posed by explosion of information technology.

INTERNET is integral part of computer lab . In addition to this, we have recently made main block of our campus WI-FI enabled. The specially designed courses for beginners would be subject to fascination of this extraordinary machines , which are at once an extension of the human brain , a labor – saving device .

This stand has been vindicated today when computer literacy is as important as literacy itself. Today the school has a well-equipped computer lab with the latest hardware and software. Not only for Computer Education but the Computer Section is the major hub for all the school activities and events. The all round development of a child's personality is our constant endeavor. It is this desire that has spurred us on to host and conduct contests on information technology.

The school, with the active participation of the computer section has successfully hosted the competition for years.

In addition to regular computer classes school has taken an innovative step to introduce ONLINE EXAMINATION for subjects like computers , GK , and moral science for the students from class I onward , in order to prepare them for the future when they will give most of their competitive exams in ONLINE MODE only . In this way they not only enjoy giving exams but also get ready for the competition of their life.

Laboratory Facilities

The school has large and well equipped science laboratories for Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The children enjoy conducting experiments with the able guidance of their teachers and the laboratory assistant. We ensure that every individual performs the given or conducted experiments as we prefer practical knowledge more than the theoretical one.


The school also provides transport facility to the students. The buses owned by the school ply on different routes in the city to pick up and drop the students from various areas. Our students are spared the discomfort of commuting to the college by public transport..

Home Activities

Over the years , the indelible impression of school as institutions which have refined a system of torture has only been reinforced . Our attempts to remove this stigma from the education process and make it more interesting and enjoyable.

The home assignments given are not a carryover of class work but are oriented towards ways and means of honing individual talent. These include suggested books for reading, physical and sport development, general knowledge, civic responsibilities, talent cultivation etc.


The library today boasts of thousands of books and many educational and story CDS, which have all been recorded in the computer in order to issue books to the students and teachers. We hope to keep growing and adding new books for children as well as the teachers. The Library has a Reading room where periodicals and well known dailies are available

A modern and appropriately staffed library is located in the academic complex.

The growing collection of books and periodical subscriptions at our library help maintain the child's interest in supplementary knowledge and reference work.

The Dehra Public School library has all what it takes to be a top notch. It has more than what a student will expect and to encourage reading habits among pupil, a wide range of books, magazines, journals are provided in the library.

It is equipped with state-of-art information products and services, that has enabled it to meet the complex and ever increasing information needs of the school community.

In addition to a fully equipped library which includes thousands of books on various subjects/topics, the school subscribes to a large number of magazines and journals are available to ensure that students are up to date on current affairs, development in the field of science and technology.

We have provided large number of CD’s and reading material available on computer which will change the way of learning.

This computer based learning caters to all age group as this is solely introduced to make the learning process more interesting